15 Most Unrealistic Things Women Expect Men To Do In Relationships, According to Modern Men

We have grown accustomed to reading articles on how men should treat us better. Now, you are being presented with how women should treat men better. That’s right ladies, even we are not saints in relationships.

Some women watch these ridiculous romantic comedy films and expect our lives to be played out in the same manner. Sorry to burst this bubble, but that is not how the real-life plot typically works. Guys don’t always express their true feelings in the most traditional romantic sense. They do show their love and appreciation at moments when we are not paying attention. Make sure to never take these moments for granted otherwise you will miss out on a fulfilling relationship. Just remember that men are wired differently than we are and therefore, have different sets of expectations.

Men can get just as frustrated as women when it comes to their dating lives. Their common complaints are being taken for granted or not being appreciated for the times when they go out of their way to please us. We are so bombarded by movies and reality TV shows that give us a delusional view on how men are supposed to treat us. Some women get the complex that they are to be treated like royalty without reciprocating that effort. Here are the top unrealistic things that women expect men to do in relationships.

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